Construction projects impacting parking lots have required changes to parking assignments throughout the west campus. While any change to parking is hard, these construction projects will have a long-term benefit for our patients, faculty, staff, and students.

Most reassignments began the end of May 2023 when the Hawkeye Ramp project and the Health Sciences Academic Building began construction. Permit holders were reassigned based upon seniority to nearby parking.

aerial of west campus parking lot reassignment parking lots and alternatives

Parking lots impacted by construction 2022 - 2025 on West Campus

Parking Lot



Space loss during construction

Net gain/loss

Lot 46 and 47

Goschke Family Wrestling Training Center   




Lots 33 and 40, Dental

Utility project




Lot 14, S. Quad

Health Sciences Academic Building




Lot 43, Kinnick

Hawkeye Parking Ramp


475 - 527 


Lot 75, Arena

New water tower


160 – 250




FAQ permit reassignment and construction


The project is expected to be completed in 2025 barring any unforeseen delays.

We have expanded Parking Lot 48, Myrtle, and Parking Lot 73, University Club. These additions added 350 parking spaces. We also created a new lot – Parking Lot 53, Melrose Court – which added 145 new spaces.

Curious about the progression of the Hawkeye Parking Ramp. You can view a live feed of the construction. 

Parking waitlist

Parking Lot 53 was constructed to help reduce the impacts to permit holders reassigned due to the Hawkeye Ramp Project. Offers are currently being made to employees that were reassigned by seniority date. We are still evaluating when a regular waitlist can be made available for employees to add themselves.

If due to construction you are currently reassigned to a more distant parking location, accepting a waitlist offer for closer parking will end your reassignment.

If the lot offered is your pre-construction location and you decline or let the offer expire, then you will have to rejoin the waitlist. You will remain in your reassigned location another offer is sent to you.


Permit reassignment

As space becomes available and based upon your seniority, you will be sent a waitlist offer to return to your previous parking lot. 

Due to unexpected parking availability and additional parking we've added, we have began making offers to return and many permit holders reassignments have ended.

Reassigned permit holders will be prioritized for waitlist offers back to their previous parking lot based upon their seniority. Once all reassigned permit holders have been offered a return, then regular waitlist offers will resume.