Terms of Service – Van Pool Driver Agreement

The University of Iowa Van Pool Program is a ridesharing arrangement between the University of Iowa, authorized program drivers and riders. The program is designed to reduce demand for employee parking on campus by offering faculty and staff an alternative to driving alone to their worksite. The University agrees to furnish the use of a passenger van for the purpose of commuting to work and to assist in forming and maintaining the van pool.

The Driver will be the primary driver and leader of the van pool during the term of this agreement. For fulfilling the driver responsibilities, the van pool fees are waived.

If you elect to participate as a Driver, you agree to:

  • Meet University driving standards, be properly licensed, and successfully complete training and testing approved by the University. The van will only be operated by the driver and backup driver(s) approved by the University and the Van Pool Program.
  • Operate the van in a manner complimentary to the public nature of this program. Keep the van clean and drive in a safe manner at all times. Operate the van in accordance with University Fleet Services regulations and University Driving Policy.
  • Any citation resulting from the illegal operation of the van is the responsibility of the person driving the van when the citation is issued. Any citation resulting from the illegal parking of the van is the responsibility of the primary driver.
  • Obtain and maintain a valid state Class D chauffeur’s license for operating a van transporting less than sixteen (16) people. The license cost is the Driver’s responsibility.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional and civil manner.
  • Consistently drive the van to and from the assigned community and parking location; picking up and delivering approved van pool members.
  • Operate the van on a punctual schedule and according to a route approved by the University. Driver is not required to wait more than three minutes for a late passenger.
  • Not use the van to carry passengers or freight for hire or for any other purpose involving pay for transportation, other than the specific purpose of the Van Pool Program. Members are not to bring any personal items of size, quantity, or content that impact safety, access in and out of the van or other member's comfort (i.e. luggage, large boxes, organic material, non-service animals, etc.)
  • Supply a secure parking place for the van during non-commuting hours at the Driver’s residence or another van member’s residence (preferably in a locked garage) and inform University of its location.
  • Keep an accurate and current record satisfactory to the University of the operation of the van including daily rider attendance, mileage, etc.
  • Arrange for an approved backup driver when you are unable to drive the van to ensure continued transportation for members. Train approved backup drivers to continue van pool daily operations (fueling at Fleet Services, maintenance, driver logs, use of fuel credit card, etc.).
  • Abide by the van pool’s scheduled departure time. Van pools may not leave prior to their scheduled departure time, unless all members agree and have received authorization from their supervisor to leave early or are able to arrange for other transportation. (Refer to the University’s policy on Extreme Weather Protocol and General Policy on Absences).
  • Abide by the terms of the University of Iowa Van Pool Member Agreement.
  • Pay full fare if you want to maintain your van pool membership when you go on an extended leave of absence (medical leave, furlough, sabbatical, vacation, etc.).
  • Understand the University reserves the right to terminate van service if (a) Driver and/or riders are not following University regulations; (b) issues between members cannot be resolved; (c) the van is unable to maintain the minimum participation level, (d) operating uneconomically or (e) there is not a designated primary driver.
  • Arrange for service and fuel for the van at University Fleet Services. Keep van in good condition; including maintaining proper air tire pressure and fluid levels, and cleaning the van inside and out on a regular basis and when needed.
  • Contact all passengers as soon as possible in case of any break down in van pool service. Help arrange alternative transportation for passengers to and from the University in the event the van is not operable due to mechanical failure or other similar emergencies. No reimbursement of van pool fees or commuting expenses will be given on those days.
  • Return van to Fleet Services in the same condition as when delivered, except for ordinary wear and tear.

This agreement may be terminated (a) by either the Driver or the University on sixty (60) days written notice delivered to the other party in person, by email or by mail or (b) immediately by breach by the Driver of the terms of this agreement. In addition, the University reserves the right to revoke the Driver’s privilege to participate in the Van Pool Program for any reason.

I have read the Van Pool Driver Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms. I understand participation is a privilege and is not a condition or right of University employment.