Terms of Service – Van Pool Substitute Rider Agreement

The University of Iowa Van Pool Program is a ridesharing arrangement between the University of Iowa, authorized program drivers and riders. The program is designed to reduce demand for employee parking on campus by offering faculty and staff an alternative to driving alone to work. The University agrees to furnish the use of a passenger van for the purpose of commuting to work and to assist in forming and maintaining the van pool. University of Iowa employees, who are not current van pool members, may periodically obtain transportation to and from work by enrolling in the Sub Rider program while waiting to become a permanent van pool member.

If you elect to participate as a Van Pool Substitute Rider, you agree to:

  • Conduct yourself in a professional and civil manner.
  • Seek permanent van pool membership by placing name on the waiting list for van(s) you want to sub ride on.
  • Accept any offer of a permanent assignment on a requested van. Declining an offer for a permanent assignment will result in termination of the employee’s Substitute Van Pool Rider Agreement for 6 months or as determined by the Commuter Programs’ Manager at his/her sole discretion.
  • Abide by Van Pool Member policies and by daily operational practices of the van pool.
  • Abide by the van’s current route and schedule, which will not be altered for sub riders.
  • Sub riders can ride if the van does not exceed its approved occupancy level and no van member assigned to the van is displaced.
  • Fees may vary based on the van, the number of days ridden and upon changes to the van’s monthly rate.
  • Pay the daily Sub Rider fee (same for one way or round trip) through authorization of payroll deduction. No payment may be exchanged between participants and/or drivers; violation of this policy may be grounds for dismissal from the Van Pool Program and other University disciplinary actions.
  • This agreement may be terminated (a) by either party on fourteen (14) days written notice delivered to the other party in person, by email or by mail or (b) immediately by breach by the sub rider of the terms of this agreement. In addition, the University reserves the right to revoke the sub rider’s privilege to participate in the Van Pool Program for any reason.

I have read The University of Iowa Van Pool Substitute Rider Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms. I understand participation is a privilege and is not a condition or right of University employment. Parking and Transportation reserves the right to revise or terminate this policy and program and/or discontinue a participant’s privilege at any time at their sole discretion. I have read the Van Pool Substitute Rider Agreement and expressly agree to abide by the policies and procedures.