Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Update August 2021: The Call-in Program has been retired following implementation of license plate recognition (LPR). Learn about LPR.  

University of Iowa Parking Services offers a courtesy program for permit holders who forgot to display their parking permit – the “Call-In” program. Thanks to an update and collaboration with university Information Technology Services, permit holders can now easily use an online application to submit a call-in to our system.

One new feature of the application is the system sends a confirmation email to the permit holder’s UI email when a call-in is submitted. Also the application is accessed via the employee’s Hawk ID and password. Because of this authentication, it is able to auto populate your name, license plate number, and parking lot(s) assignments. Saving users time and effort.

The updates offers many efficiencies for both permit holders and Parking Services staff. In the past, permit holders could leave a phone message with their information or submit the information via an online form. Then one of our staff members would submit the Call-In to the system. By allowing permit holders to directly input their information, there is less chance of error and it is submitted more quickly.

Parking citations issued are automatically canceled in the new system for the date a call-in was submitted. Since the pilot launch of the program, over 1,700 call-ins have been submitted via the new application and just over 1,000 citations have been cancelled by the system.

Permit holders may still choose to call-in to our office and leave a message. However, the department anticipates that the new, user-friendly system will become the preferred way to submit a call-in. More information and a step-by-step guide is available online at

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