Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Commuter Program celebrated the first birthday of the UI Rideshare Network on Friday, October 20. Just over 950 members joined during the first year and 9,500 requests were made to “find match”. In the past 30 days, 53 new accounts were created and 642 “find match” requests were made. The program is a tool that adds to our existing programs that help reduce parking demands, traffic congestion, and carbon emissions by decreasing the number of single occupant vehicles. In addition to these benefits, persons who rideshare also save money by sharing the costs of daily commuting or single trips.

The Iowa DOT partnered with University of Iowa Parking and Transportation, as well as other agencies and communities across Iowa when establishing Iowa Rideshare. Many regions and metro areas around Iowa have some sort of ride-sharing program, but this site is the first statewide effort. The service is provided by the Iowa DOT and funded as part of the Federal Transit Administration’s Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative.

Learn more about the UI Rideshare Network at https://transportation.uiowa.edu/ui-rideshare

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