Thursday, November 15, 2018

A new Bongo update was released on Thursday, November 15, 2018. The Bongo application was either recreated or updated to be compatible with the latest Android and Apple operating systems. In addition, the application has been given a visual update. Details about steps to update each operating systems are listed below. 

Android Devices

Developers were unable to update the application to restore compatibility, so a new app was created. Users should remove the previous version and install the new application that takes advantage of the standard Android interface and works on the most recent versions. 

Apple Devices

The Apple version of the Bongo application was able to be updated by developers. In the App Store, click on the updates tab to update Bongo for Apple devices.

If you experience issues after installing the new application, please contact or (319) 335-8633. We appreciate your patience as the technology team worked to create the new application.


About Bongo (Bus on the Go)

Bongo is a GPS-based, real-time passenger information system that allows riders to find current bus locations as well as predictions for upcoming bus departure times.


CAMBUS is the University of Iowa’s student operated, no fare public transit system that provides fixed-route service throughout campus and demand-response paratransit services for qualifying persons. CAMBUS works in collaboration with other Parking and Transportation Department units to provide and support access and mobility for students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors. For more information about our services visit or call (319) 335-8633.