Monday, December 3, 2018

Parking and Transportation has been implementing new technology in University of Iowa parking facilities in recent years to increase facility efficiency, improve operations, and process transactions quickly and accurately. The newest feature implemented is pay-in-lane machines. Customers now have the option to process their transaction with a cashier or at a pay-in-lane machine – offering more exit lane options.

More exit lanes for customers will allow quicker exiting, especially during peak usage times. The machines will also allow the ability to control access in and out of the parking facilities 24/7, especially overnight hours when cashiers may not be on duty.

Pay-in-lane was introduced in pilot locations over the past year to test the technology, monitoring both transactions and user feedback. During November 2018, approximately 20% of transactions occurred via pay-in-lane machine and about 90% of those transactions opted to use credit card. All cashiered locations now offer this payment option and will be transitioning to access gates being in the lowered position 24/7 after January 2, 2019. Parking Dispatch, centrally located, will be available 24/7 to help customers at the push of a button. In general, customers will notice few changes and should experience quicker exit times and more flexibility.

“Implementing this technology will allow us to provide a more consistent experience in the facilities we manage across the campus and create many operational efficiencies,” says Erin Shane, Parking and Transportation associate director.

Many university parking facilities have been operating with gates lowered 24/7 for years through a combination of cashiered transactions and machine-readable access cards. Among those facilities already operating 24/7 are the parking ramps that support University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. With the implementation of pay-in-lane machines at Hospital Parking Ramps, the number of lanes available to patients and guests will be expanded beyond the cashiered booths.  

Students concerned about paying for parking during evening hours can contact our office to purchase the low-cost Student Night Weekend Permit. By paying the $22.50 semester fee, $5 per month, permit holders are allowed to use university facilities for no additional cost Monday through Friday between 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. and all weekend. 

"We offer options and services like the UPASS and Night Weekend permits, each costing just $10 per month, that are designed to help keep costs low for students," says April Wells, Parking and Transportation communications manager. "In making these changes, facility operations will improve, benefiting both customers by offering more space and the university by reducing costs of manually tracking capacity in our facilities." 


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