Monday, March 9, 2020

Recognition is a core value of  CAMBUs. Highlighting women in leadership roles is one opportunity for Cambus to recognize the efforts and talents of department staff. Leading up to International Women’s Day, the department asked questions about how working at Cambus helps develop their leadership skills and what International Women’s Day means to each leader. Read more about some of the women that keep campus moving.


Photo: CAMBUS women’s soccer team, Fall 2019


Jordan C. | Training Supervisor, October 2018 - current

Trainer, March 2018 – October 2018 (hired May 2017)

Being a trainer has helped me become a better leader because it kind of forced me into a leadership position; during trainer training you have to learn on your feet a little bit because the trainee looks up to you even if you're a new trainer. It really helps you step up into a leadership position because you have to be confident in yourself, you have to know that what you're doing is the best for the trainee and you have to know what you're doing right away, there's no time for doubting yourself.”  

Jordan on Internation Women's Day shared, "It’s a day every year that I hear people ask, ;When is International Men’s Day?' - it’s November 19th by the way - but that question is only brought up in relation to the fact that women are being celebrated, and that must mean a comparison to men. International Women’s Day should be a time for us to reflect on accomplishments of the past year and look ahead to what more there is to do."

Brescia D. | Personnel Supervisor, December 2019 - current

Trainer, May 2019 – December 2019 (hired Sept. 2018)

Since I have begun working as a supervisor, I have loved the additional responsibilities that I have taken on. My job at CAMBUS has become so much more than just a ‘student job’. I am gaining valuable experience that I know I will use in my future career.

Brescia reflecting on International Women’s Day said, International Women’s Day is a day to recognize all the wonderful women that are so frequently underappreciated. Everyday should be International Women’s Day. Reach out everyday to the women in your life and make them feel valued.

Megan F. | Scheduling & Personnel Assistant, April 2018 - current  

(hired May 2017) 

What I really like about my [leadership] position is I get to know the inner workings of CAMBUS, as most information has to pass through me at some point or another. My position is mainly tedious work - as in entering information we have on paper and putting it into our computer systems – but I also transform meaningless data into meaningful statistics,” says Megan.

The people here have literally become a second family…When I say I'm going to work, I'm not bummed out by it because I know my friends will be up at the hub.

Cassidy S. | Driver, December 2019 - current 

Personnel Supervisor, April 2018 – December 2019
Student Mechanic, August 2017 to April 2018
(hired June 2016)

This position has taught me to fail gracefully. I used to be petrified of failure, but this position has taught me to reconstruct the way I approach it and learn from my mistakes. I evaluate what changes I can make, ask for input, adjust and share my learning with others. This skill makes me a more effective leader because it shows that I am adaptable and can grow with an organization’s needs. This skill has translated into my academics because it has taught be that mistakes are a necessary part of life.

When asked 'What does International Woman's Day mean to you?' Cassidy says, “To me, International Woman’s Day means recognizing how our experiences can be a fundamental place of similarity that can go beyond language, cultural differences, sexual identity/orientation, ect. This shared experience can act as a foundation for celebrating differences, fostering growth and working toward social change for all those who identify as women.


Cambus employs on average 160 student employees. About a quarter of those student employees take up additional responsibilities in support staff or supervisor roles. In addition to driving, support and supervisor staff perform or oversee vital function of operations including bus maintenance, daily operations, hiring, scheduling, and training. Recognizing the incredible women that fill leadership roles is just one-way CAMBUS is committed to building a culture of recognition and inclusion.