Wednesday, November 9, 2022

UI CAMBUS is implementing a new app called CAMBUS Now for its on-demand services. CAMBUS Now allows riders to conveniently request rides and provides information to riders including estimated time of arrival (ETA) and trip notifications. Riders can begin using CAMBUS Now on Nov. 14, 2022 to request rides for the On-Demand Shuttle.  

On-demand services 

The On-Demand Shuttle operates in a limited-service area, with limited hours, and only serves existing CAMBUS stops. The On-Demand Shuttle is fare-free and open to the public. Visit the On-Demand service page to see service details including hours of operations and service area. 

Bionic Bus service will be added to the CAMBUS Now app in early 2023. The CAMBUS Now app will allow riders who have been certified to use Bionic Bus to view their trip schedule, request rides, get estimated time of arrival (ETA), and receive trip notifications. 

Create account with CAMBUS Now 

CAMBUS partnered with the software company Spare to develop and implement the CAMBUS Now app. Users can download the CAMBUS Now app for free on iPhone and Android devices.   

To use on-demand services after Nov. 14, riders will need to create a free user account in the CAMBUS Now app. There are a few options for creating your user account: 

  • Riders can download the app and create their account (the app is available for download now) 

  • Riders can call CAMBUS dispatch to request a ride and dispatch can create an account for a rider over the phone 

  • Riders can board the On-Demand Shuttle at the West Campus Transportation Center and a driver can create an account for the rider 

“Launching the CAMBUS Now app is important for us to keep up with current technology and what riders expect from transportation services,” says Mia Brunelli, CAMBUS operations manager. “The app will help the service be more efficient which could allow us to expand on-demand services in the future.”