Monday, May 22, 2023

UI Fleet Services will be releasing a new version of the Fleet Services Requisition on June 1 with enhanced abilities and efficiencies. The Fleet Services Requisition is the form used to rent university vehicles on a short-term basis. The update will reduce processing time for requests, provide an easy-to-use interface, and integrate with Universal Workflow.  

“We believe this new form will be more flexible and functional and are excited to introduce it to campus,” says Mike Wilson, Fleet Services Manager. 

Connecting the Fleets Services Requisition with Universal Workflow will provide departments greater flexibility for approval routing and will make future enhancement easier. The new form also includes these improvements: 

  • Customers can enter their personal vehicle information for an automatically generated permit for the Fleet Services parking lot 

  • Customers can edit forms after they have been submitted if any trip details need updated 

  • There are field-level hints on the form to help if you have questions. 

  • The initiator can save frequently used MFKs, drivers, and more to speed form completion 

  • There is a cost estimating feature to help with budgeting or to compare different vehicle types. 

  • An Outlook calendar entry can be generated to assist in planning the vehicle pickup 

Screengrab of Fleet Services Requisition landing page