Friday, September 29, 2023

No E-85 In New Chrysler Pacifica Minivans!!!

The engines in the new Chrysler Pacifica minivans are extremely sensitive to using the correct fuel.  If the vehicle is inadvertently fueled with E-85 there is a risk of engine damage.  This happened to one our customers already.  The customer called because their check engine light was on. We soon determined that it had been fueled with E-85, so we towed the vehicle back to campus for repair.  The new Chrysler Pacifica’s should be fueled using E15 (or E10 if E15 is not available). You don’t have to worry if you are using the fuel island on campus, your chip key is programmed to allow the correct fuel to be dispensed.   However, you need to be careful when fueling off-campus and using the fuel card.  If you forget which fuel type to use, It is listed at the bottom of the vehicle’s key tag.

Kiosk vs. Delayed Dispatch

We have seen some confusion recently with trips that start over the weekend or on a day we are not open, specifically when and where the reservation should be set for pick-up. We have two options for this scenario, a self-service kiosk that allows for 24/7 vehicle pick-up and return, and what we call a “Delayed Dispatch” at the Fleet Services office.

The Kiosk is a designated self-service check out location on the west side of campus. It is accessible 24/7 and is in the lower level 1 of Hospital Parking Ramp 2 near the south elevator. Parking for personal vehicles is not available at this location.

Delayed Dispatch is used when you have a trip that has a departure time over the weekend or on a day we are closed. Keys can be picked up at our office at 5pm the business day prior to departure.  The charges will start when the trip starts. Delayed dispatches are checked out and returned at the main Fleet Services Office.  Parking is available at this location for one personal vehicle per reservation.

Authorized Passengers – Who Can and Cannot Ride?

Who is allowed to ride in a University vehicle?

  • Authorized passengers include University employees, students, agents, or volunteers while on authorized University business. Authorized passengers may also include folks who are on campus at the University's request, like potential employees, those who provide contracted services, or those who participate in a University event or program.
  • Unauthorized passengers include an employee's spouse, children, or other family members, friends, or neighbors, or members of the general public. Even if your spouse, child, friend, etc. are employees or students at the University, they are unauthorized passengers unless they have justification to be in the vehicle for the specific approved trip. Check out the full Driving Policy from the University’s Operations Manual.
  • Animals, except for research and service or assistive animals, are not allowed in University vehicles. Service and assistive animals are specially trained at a recognized training facility to assist a person with a disability. Please notify Fleet Services when making the reservation that you have a qualified need to transport an animal. Emotional support animals and pets may not ride in University vehicles.

Honest Mike’s Used Cars

It’s minivan madness at Honest Mike’s!  We’re wall to wall with minivans,  and we need to move them all!!  Over the next month to 6 weeks, we have at least 10 minivans to sell.  They are mostly 2017’s and 2018’s.  Odometers are mid 70’s and higher.  Keep checking Gov Deals to see when these vehicles are posted.   

Fleet Factoid

The range of an electric car is dependent on its battery capacity, specifically the number of kilowatt-hours of energy it can store. A vehicle with a larger battery capacity can travel further between charges, but increasing the size of the battery will also add weight to the vehicle. This presents an interesting tradeoff for electric vehicles, adding battery capacity to add range will make your vehicle less efficient overall. Check out an article from Energy5 that examines the relationship between battery capacity, weight,  and electric car efficiency.

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