On March 30, Iowa Workforce Development announced UI CAMBUS, among others, was awarded funds from the Iowa Entry-Level Driver Training Program (ELDT). The grant awards direct support for the “critical training opportunities necessary to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Iowa.” 

CAMBUS was awarded $109,825 for use in its in-house training program. These funds will help offset the cost of training 120 new transit operator hires to obtain a Class B CDL. Training for new CAMBUS drivers is critical to maintaining the staffing level necessary to operate the public transit services needed by the staff and students at the University of Iowa. In addition to training drivers for university services, CAMBUS is currently finalizing an agreement with the City of Coralville to provide ELDT training for Coralville Transit.

UI CAMBUS currently provides over 3 million rides each year. "This grant will help us support our in-house training and continue providing quality service to the community,” says Brian McClatchey, CAMBUS manager. On average, CAMBUS currently provides the training necessary for 60 students each year to obtain their commercial driver's license.

In 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration implemented Entry-Level Driver Training, requiring all new drivers to undertake additional training to obtain a commercial driver’s license. To comply with this new training requirement, CAMBUS updated its training program and created two new full-time training positions. 

Many former UI CAMBUS employees have pursued careers in public transportation at all levels. Their training and exposure to the daily operations of CAMBUS help engage new generations in public transportation. 

Training outside of WCTC 2021
Mia and Jace smiling in front of a semi trailer during CCE training
Training at the CAMBUS garage, 2021