CAMBUS in 2022 has nominated two employees, Alyson Holevoet and Connor Steele, for UI Student Employee of the Year. In a year that CAMBUS faced staffing challenges in recovering from the pandemic, Holevoet and Steele’s leadership and flexibility helped lead to the stabilization and advancement of CAMBUS services. Their efforts demonstrate the positive impacts to campus services by empowering students in leadership positions. 

“This nomination means a lot to me, and it is a testament to how well my fellow employees support me in my position. I could not do any of the work I do without my colleagues being so encouraging about the work we are doing together,” expresses Holevoet. 

“Being nominated for this award is such a high honor. I appreciate the recognition because I put forth so much effort and being seen for that is extremely rewarding,” says Steele. 

Alyson Holevoet - an inclusive and team-focused leader

Alyson Holevoet

Campus Services category winner

Current position: Personnel Supervisor

Course of study: BFA in ceramics and BA in music 

Working from two desks and in two roles, Alyson Holevoet helped CAMBUS face the challenges of being understaffed this past year. Holevoet was working as a dispatcher at CAMBUS and in October 2021 was promoted to one of the two personnel supervisor positions. After being promoted, she continued working dispatching shifts and ensuring smooth operation of services through creative staffing solutions and responding to service issues. 

“Alyson’s ability to serve in both roles effectively is a testament to her work ethic and commitment to service, to staff, and to the university community. It is impressive that she was able to work in both capacities, and do so effectively,” states CAMBUS operations manager, Mia Brunelli. 

As personnel supervisor, Holevoet quickly went to work to assist with hiring and onboarding new drivers amidst a staffing shortage of 20%. She has demonstrated a commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace environment and onboarding process. Holevoet had identified opportunities and advocated for changes to in the workplace to improve inclusion, including in the recent redevelopment of new hire orientation materials. 

"After all the experiences that I’ve had at CAMBUS, I feel assured that I’ll be more successful in doing what I want post-college."

Alyson Holevoet, personnel supervisor

“I’ve made some of my best friends through this job, and I think that says a lot about the people that work here," says Holevoet. “There are lots of opportunities to get together and get to know each other.” 

Holevoet has also been an exemplary leader at CAMBUS in terms of teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. She has worked across the dispatching, training and safety, bionic, and maintenance teams to find opportunities to improve operations and more effectively deliver CAMBUS services. In weekly supervisor meetings, she consistently provides thoughtful and constructive insight across CAMBUS operations. 

Through her work in hiring and onboarding employees and working across multiple teams at CAMBUS, Holevoet has also established herself as an approachable and trusted resource for student staff. CAMBUS students seek out Holevoet for guidance, to ask questions, to provide workplace feedback, or ask for assistance with issues. The guidance and leadership she provides to staff has had a direct impact on maintaining a work environment that is positive and collaborative, despite the staffing challenges student employees have faced. 

“Since starting at CAMBUS, I’ve become more outgoing, and confident in my skills and judgement. After all the experiences that I’ve had – whether they were out on the road, dispatching, or as the Personnel Supervisor – I feel assured that I’ll be more successful in doing what I want post-college,” states Holevoet. 

Personnel Supervisor

Personnel supervisors are responsible for interviewing and onboarding new student employees, conducting employee performance reviews, and serving as a resource to all student staff.  


Dispatchers supervise the delivery of transportation services, respond to service issues, ensure staffing of daily services, and supervise all on-duty student employees. 

Connor Steele - impressively adaptable and collaborative

Connor Steele

Campus Services category nominee

Current position: training and safety supervisor

Course of study: Ethics and Public Policy

When CAMBUS was faced with challenges across multiple departments in 2021, Connor Steele stepped up to take on significant projects in the bionic, training, and safety departments. In preparation for the university resuming regular operations, he worked as the dispatch and bionic assistant to increase the number of bionic-qualified drivers. To become qualified, students complete additional classroom and driving training for assisting riders with disabilities. Steele trained and qualified 20 CAMBUS bionic drivers in preparation for the fall 2021 semester.  

Steele’s work ethic and leadership in the dispatch and bionic departments led to his promotion to training and safety supervisor in November 2021. Upon his promotion, new federal regulations relating to CDL licensing and training required significant changes to the CAMBUS training program. Steele worked to develop new training sessions, and he was instrumental in providing leadership and guidance to the student training and safety staff during the transition period. 

“Connor’s ability to adapt quickly to change, identify opportunities for improvement, and natural leadership style that is highly collaborative and team-focused has made him a huge asset to our team,” says Brunelli. 

"CAMBUS has some of the best culture of any job that I’ve had. It has also allowed me to form some great friendships that will last beyond college.” 

Connor Steele, training and safety supervisor

“One thing I’ve enjoyed about my position is being able to grow as a leader and solve problems that arise. I have also had a lot of growth in my ability to make decisions,” expressed Steele. 

Steele was also responsible for advancing CAMBUS’ safety programs and providing safety instruction to student drivers. His thoughtful and collaborative approach to safety, as well as his leadership being rooted in coaching, have been appreciated by CAMBUS staff. Steele demonstrates a clear commitment to serving both staff and riders through the advancement of training and safety initiatives at CAMBUS. 

“CAMBUS has some of the best culture of any job that I’ve had. I love the ability to interact with coworkers and being one of the first people new driver-trainees meet at CAMBUS,” says Steele. “It has also allowed me to form some great friendships that will last beyond college.” 

“During some tough transitions for CAMBUS in terms of staffing and new federal regulations, Connor has continually stepped up in critical roles and taken on more responsibility – to the benefit of our student teams and riders,” replied Brunelli.  

Training and Safety Supervisor

The training and safety supervisor is responsible for guiding new driver-trainees through the training program, supervising student trainers, assisting in safety investigations, and advancing safety initiatives.  

Dispatch and Bionic Assistant

The dispatch and bionic assistant facilitates the training of new Bionic drivers, fills in as a dispatcher, and tracks Bionic service metrics. 

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CAMBUS was founded by University of Iowa students in 1972. It has been operated by students ever since. CAMBUS employs approximately 160 students to operate the campus-wide transit system, including fixed-route operators, Bionic paratransit operators, dispatchers, trainers, maintenance assistants, office assistants, and supervisors. In their commitment to sustainable and accessible campus transportation, student employees at CAMBUS are a remarkable example of the superior abilities and dedication of Iowa students.