University of Iowa’s CAMBUS recognizes Nichole Winter as the 2022 Support Person of the Year. The award was established by CAMBUS in 2019 to recognize the support staff who serve in behind-the-scenes roles to keep the transit system operating smoothly each day. Winter has worked at CAMBUS since August 2017 and earned a BSE in Electrical Engineering in May 2022.


In September 2020, Winter was promoted to dispatcher and since then has been an influential member of the support team. “Nichole has been a key leader in our organization over the past year. As a dispatcher, she’s worked hard to ensure important transportation services are staffed effectively. As a team member, she’s been a source of positivity and showing how collaboration is key to problem-solving," wrote the selection team.  

“Dispatching has strengthened my decision-making and made me a more confident leader. I feel comfortable taking leadership roles and delegating tasks. I have learned to manage individuals in ways that build mutual respect,” stated Winter. 

Being promoted to a support position in the height of the pandemic was no small feat. However, Winter took this as a learning opportunity to improve her skills and further assist with providing CAMBUS service to the community. “People rely on us to get to school and work, and that gives meaning to our jobs and performance every day,” replied Winter. 

Winter noted that being recognized as Support Person of the Year means her coworkers and management recognize and appreciate her work at CAMBUS. “I do my best to maintain a positive attitude about work, and receiving this award shows that I am an example of an exceptional leader.” 

"Nichole has been an exemplary leader during a challenging year for CAMBUS. Employees have looked up to her for guidance and as a role model,” added the selection team. “Not only did she work with employees to effectively staff services, but she also jumped in a lot to pick up extra shifts too. Nichole epitomizes leading by example.” 

As Winter transitions into new opportunities post-graduation, she offers a few words of encouragement for those considering applying. “CAMBUS has been a fantastic job in terms of flexibility, pay, and connections. I have made some amazing friends and have really enjoyed working for such an essential service.”  

"I do my best to maintain a positive attitude about work, and receiving this award shows that I am an example of an exceptional leader.”
Nichole Winter, dispatcher
Honorable Mentions

In reviewing the Support Person of the Year 2022 candidates, the selection team also wishes to recognize four students as honorable mentions:  

  • Brie Clubb, dispatcher 
  • Jonny Dugger, dispatcher 
  • Madi Gearhart, trainer 
  • Brandon Wong, student mechanic 

The selection team noted that these individuals’ contributions to the workplace have assisted in creating a welcoming and positive work culture, being friendly and dependable leaders, and being conscientious team players amongst the teams. 

About the Support Person of the Year award

To complement the annual Driver of the Year award, CAMBUS began selecting a Support Person of the Year in 2019. To be eligible for the award, employees in support positions must meet the same criteria as the Driver of the Year award, plus have served in a support role for the past year.   

Criteria for award eligibility includes a clean work record, no attendance violations, and an excellent safety record. The CAMBUS management and student supervisor team evaluate the list of eligible candidates to select an overall award winner. The CAMBUS team looks at factors such as previous recognitions received throughout the year, feedback from other staff, and their contributions to creating an inclusive and positive workplace experience. 


CAMBUS is the University of Iowa’s student operated, no fare public transit system that provides fixed-route service throughout campus and demand-response paratransit services for qualifying persons. On average, 160 student-employees operate transit services across the university campus. Their responsibilities begin with driving but can grow to include training, dispatching, assisting with maintenance, and supervising. CAMBUS works in collaboration with other Parking and Transportation Department units to provide and support access and mobility for students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors. For more information about our services visit the CAMBUS page or call 319-335-8633.