Thursday, June 17, 2021

University of Iowa CAMBUS will begin using route numbers an additional identifier of its 14 routes beginning July 2021. Route numbers are being added to the route name following a recommendation from the Iowa City Area Transit Study (ICATS). ICATS was a comprehensive transit study that included Iowa City Transit, Coralville Transit, and CAMBUS.  The study began in fall 2019 and final recommendations were made to each transit system in spring 2020.  Click or tap here to read more about the transit study. 

Iowa City Transit, Coralville Transit, and CAMBUS have made a coordinated effort in determining route numbering for each agency. Iowa City Transit will use route numbers 1 to 19 beginning fall 2021. Coralville began using route numbers 20 to 29 in fall 2020 when they implemented their transit study route changes. CAMBUS will use route numbers 30 to 69. 

Benefits of route numbers

Route numbers will be a useful tool internally within CAMBUS and for riders. Benefits include: 

  • Assisting riders with distinguishing routes between the local transit systems, particularly when using the Transit mobile app 
  • Increased route legibility and trip-planning clarity in the Transit mobile app, where the app does not allow for longer route names 
  • Can be a quicker way for riders to identify different variations of similar routes 

CAMBUS route numbers

CAMBUS route numbers will be included anywhere CAMBUS route names are used, including the website, printed materials, and on the bus destination signs. CAMBUS will also be using an additional letter identifier on some routes that have slightly different variations. For example, the Interdorm route has three variations: 35 Interdorm, 35A Interdorm-WCTC, and 35B Interdorm-Pride/Cultural Centers. 

Route number structure:

  • Route numbers 30-39 will be available for main campus and large circulator routes 
  • Route numbers 40-49 will be available for routes serving the Hawkeye campus 
  • Route numbers 50-59 will be available for commuter routes serving lots 55, 65, and 75 
  • Route numbers 60-69 will be available for on-demand services 

Letter identifiers:

  • “A”, “B”, “C”, etc. may be used as a general identifier between different route variations 
  • “M” will be used to identify when Red Route and Blue Route serve Mayflower Hall 
  • “N” will be used to identify when a route changes for late evening or night service 

CAMBUS route numbers and names:

30’s - Main campus and large circulator routes

  • 31 Red Route 
  • 31M Red Route (when it serves Mayflower Hall) 
  • 32 Blue Route 
  • 32M Blue Route (when it serves Mayflower Hall) 
  • 33 South Campus Shuttle 
  • 34 Research Park 
  • 35 Interdorm (weekend route, does not serve WCTC) 
  • 35A Interdorm-WCTC 
  • 35B Interdorm-Pride/Cultural Centers 
  • 36 Mayflower Shuttle 

40’s - Hawkeye campus and parking lot routes

  • 41 Hawk Lot-Hospital 
  • 42 Hawkeye-Pentacrest 
  • 43 Hawkeye Interdorm 

50’s - Routes that serve parking lots 55, 65, 75

  • 51 Hospital-Finkbine/Arena 
  • 52 Finkbine-Pentacrest 
  • 52N Finkbine-Pentacrest (evening service, serves WCTC) 
  • 53 VA Loop Shuttle 
  • 54 Hancher-Newton Road 

60’s - On-Demand Services

  • 61 On-Demand (commuter lots only) 
  • 62 On-Demand (campus-wide) 


Riders are encouraged to use the mobile app Transit to plan trips, get real-time departure information, live bus locations, service alerts and more.  Download Transit to your Apple or Android smart device.


The Parking and Transportation Department is committed to promoting campus accessibility through mobility solutions for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors.  In addition to fixed-route bus services, CAMBUS also operates a door-to-door paratransit bus service, called "Bionic Bus".  

Learn more about Bionic bus service.


For questions about CAMBUS services, please call 319-335-8633 or email