Wednesday, October 20, 2021

By Nov. 1, University of Iowa hourly parking spaces will be converted to a pay by plate system, and parking meters will be removed. Parking meters are at the end of life and are no longer able to receive support or parts from the manufacturer. Customers will now enter their license plate number instead of a parking space number in the Passport Parking app. Cash and coin payment remain available at university public parking facilities, like parking ramps. 

Why mobile payment zones and pay by plate 

Since the 2019 fiscal year, the university has been at a decision point to replace all parking meters across campus because the manufacturer is unable to support. The department also introduced license plate recognition (LPR) technology in August 2021. LPR scans license plates to verify permit or payment.    

The foundation for the transition to mobile payment zones and pay by plate includes these factors: customer preference for the mobile parking app, significant decrease in coin payment across campus, and introducing the ability to scan license plates to verify payment instead of checking meters. Transitioning to mobile payment zones and pay by plate both reduces the costs of maintenance and simplifies parking for the customer. 

Data and privacy protection  

The University of Iowa is committed to protecting user information and privacy. License plate recognition (LPR) technology will be used to enforce mobile payment zones. Parking and Transportation has a detailed Data Use and Privacy Policy to protect user information. The policy governs how the data collected through LPR is accessed, stored, and used. Mobile payment is also encrypted by the vendor’s software. 

Transition details 

Between Oct. 23 and Oct. 31, the Passport app and signage will be updated. During the transition, signage and app may not align. Parking enforcement will adjust as needed if a zone is not consistent. The patience and cooperation of users is appreciated during the transition period. 

  • New mobile parking zone and enforcement signs will be installed 

  • The Passport Parking app will be converted to pay by plate 

  • Campus parking meters will be removed.  

By Nov. 1, customers will see new signage in all former parking meter areas. Customers will enter their license plate number instead of a parking space number. 

Posted signage will clearly define mobile payment zones that are near permit areas or service areas. Signs will be posted every four to five spaces so customers can identify maximum parking time allowed and zone number.  

More information on how to use the Passport Parking app can be found on the mobile payment page.