Tuesday, June 18, 2024

New Rates for FY 25

The FY 25 vehicle rental and class-based lease rates are posted on our website. Rates will take effect 7/1/2024.

For assigned vehicles, the Administrative Contact will receive FY25 rates for individual vehicles through the Assigned Vehicle Portal. Also, for the new FY we will be conducting our Annual Contact and MFK validationAn automated message will be generated on July 1 by the Assigned Vehicle Portal asking Admin Contacts (and Delegates) to review the contact names and MFKs for the new fiscal year. If they are accurate, please confirm them, and if not, update the contact name and MFK accordingly.

Can I Turn in My Assigned Vehicle Early?

One question that we get a lot is “We don’t need our leased vehicle anymore. How do we return it to you?” The answer is actually quite complicated. The length of a lease is typically for the full life of the vehicle. When Fleet Services acquires vehicles, we pay the entire cost of the vehicle. As departments make their monthly payments, part of that payment is used recover the vehicle cost. If the vehicle is returned to Fleet Services early we may be able to find someone to take over the lease for the remaining life at no additional cost, a win-win for everyone. We always try to do that first, if that is not possible, we would sell the vehicle and hope the sale proceeds covers what is still owed. If it doesn’t the department would be responsible for any extra amount still owed after the sale. 

Keep in mind that not all vehicles can be re-assigned especially any of the more specialized vehicles. Please call Mike at 319-384-0564 if you have additional questions.

Students and Summer Break – Who is Eligible to Drive?

When is a student eligible to drive over summer break? If a student is between years/semesters of school, they can still be a student driver on behalf of a student org or as a student volunteer. If a student has graduated (grad or undergrad) then they can no longer be a “student driver” or “student volunteer” Graduates must get another appointment in their new NON-student status. A graduated student can still be a member of a student org and ride in the vehicle, just not drive. Student Employees in the scope of their employment are also eligible to drive over summer break.

Delayed Dispatches Must Be Requested for 5pm

Just a reminder that if you request a delayed dispatch, the pickup time must be requested for 5pm the business day prior to your trip beginning.   You can certainly call the day of the pick-up to see if the vehicle will be available earlier. 

Can’t Find Your Car? Try Using Your Head

Have you ever found yourself searching for your car in a large parking lot like at the airport or a ballgame, wandering around clicking your car remote hoping to hear a beep or see a light flash? A simple hack (try this at your own risk) can increase the distance the signal travels. All you need to do is push the remote up against your head and push the button. All the water inside of you combines with the radio frequency waves of the remote to create a “dielectric resonator” which is just a fancy way of saying signal amplifier. The fluid in your head not only protects your brain, it acts as the dielectric resonator. Even holding the remote to a bottle of water would work, and it wouldn’t look as silly. Check out the full article from MSN

Honest Mikes Used Cars

Wow, things are really hopping, and we have been selling a lot of vehicles!!  Currently listed for sale is a 2015 Ram 3500 4x4 Flatbed with only 29k miles, a 2017 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab 4x4 with just under 89k miles, and a 2019 Blue Chevy Malibu with 65k miles. If a Minivan is what you’re after, we’ve got those too! There are 3 2019 Caravans listed for sale right now with more to come this summer. Take a look at our GovDeals auction page. 

Fleet Factoid

More than 60 years after its debut, 2025 will be the last model year for the Chevy Malibu, the last family sedan in their lineup. The Kansas Fairfax assembly plant that used to make Malibus will now be converted to make vehicles based on their Ultium platform like the next generation electric Bolt. View the full article from Edmunds

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