Employ​ment Status

University of Iowa faculty and staff employed 50% time or more in a permanent position, as defined by the UI Human Resources Department, are eligible for a parking assignment to a Faculty/Staff parking facility.

Parking assignments may be available in Faculty/Staff parking facilities to employees who work less than 50% time, or to currently registered students on a space-available basis.

Waiting Lists

Many parking facilities are assigned to capacity, therefore the rate at which new assignments can be made is dependent upon the rate at which current assignments are canceled (i.e., someone must cancel their permit in order for a space to become available for a new assignment). Since demand exceeds the capacity of many parking facilities, Parking and Transportation maintains waiting lists for each facility. Most assignments are made from these waiting lists.  canceled (i.e., someone must cancel their permit in order for a space to become available for a new assignment).”

Faculty and staff can add themselves to waitlist(s) by visiting the Parking Waitlist System at parkingwaitlist.parking.uiowa.edu/.

Waiting lists for individual parking facilities are organized according to two factors. First, all names on the list are divided into the two categories of either Faculty or Staff. Second, each of these categories is organized according to the employee’s University of Iowa employment start date, with the oldest dates receiving the highest priority.

The Faculty classification is very specific and includes only full-time (50% or greater) faculty classifications of FT, FS, FV, FQ or FR and rankings of 1100, 1200, or 1300. Also included are classifications FH 1500 and 1600; FB 1100 and 1200; FN 1100, 1200 and 1500. The Faculty classification also includes the President, Vice Presidents, Deans and select University officials and administrators. Other assignments may be made at the discretion of the Director of Parking and Transportation. All other University of Iowa employees are classified as Staff regardless of their individual classification. This would include Merit, Professional, most administrators and others.

Since each list is organized according to University of Iowa employment start date, the relative positions of each individual on a list may change over time. Individuals with older employment dates may apply later and move ahead of individuals already on the list. To qualify for an assignment made within a particular month, employees must have their name on the list by the end of the prior month.


Assignments are made to each facility on an alternating basis from the separate lists of faculty and staff. If there are two assignments to make, one will come from the top of each list. If ten assignments are to be made, then five will come from each list. If the last assignment made to a facility came from the faculty list, then the next assignment will come from the staff list.