How to order your virtual permit

Log into the Parking Portal, then the Hawkeye Storage Lot 39 will be available. The permit cost is $189/semester and can be cancelled at any time for a prorated refund. Permits are valid starting every year on August 16 through May 15 of the following year. Permits are billed by semester and will financially renew on January 1st for the Spring Semester unless cancelled beforehand. 

Make sure all vehicle information is entered accurately as your license plate will be your permit. Failure to accurately provide your vehicle information will result in a citation. 

How to cancel your permit

To cancel your permit you will need to complete the Cancel Permit Form. You will be charged for the permit until it is cancelled or expires.  You will receive a refund if cancelled before the end of the semester as we prorate by half month. If you fail to cancel your permit you are responsible for the time the permit was active. Your refund will be based on the date you complete the cancellation form. 


Campus Parking Map

The Hawkeye Parking Lot is available on GPS maps as “Hawkeye Commuter Lot”. From campus, head west on Melrose Avenue until Hawkeye Park Road. Turn right on Hawkeye Park Road. Approaching from the west, from Highway 218  take the Melrose Avenue exit. Turn left to head east on Melrose Avenue. Then turn left at Hawkeye Park Road. Please watch the signs in the parking lot. The NE area of the parking lot is a different parking lot. Parking in the Hawkeye Commuter Parking Lot will result in ticketing and possible towing.  


 Download the Transit App or visit the CAMBUS website.