If you operate a university fleet vehicle on campus, we’ve got you covered! You’re welcome to park your vehicle in any ungated campus parking lot.

Because campus has limited parking close to buildings, please do not store your vehicles in these areas. Vehicles that are not always in use should be stored in larger commuter parking lots, such as Parking Lot 85, Hawkeye Commuter.

Additionally, university vehicles must abide by the university rules and regulations under Section 6.J- Parking Regulations for University Fleet Vehicles. Vehicles found in violation of any parking rules or regulations will be ticketed. 

  • Tickets received in a university vehicle are the responsibility of the operator to pay.
  • University funds cannot be used to pay for parking on campus for fleet vehicles.

Regulated zones

Permission from the parking office must be obtained to access gated areas. If you have questions or special requests for parking accommodations, please contact the Parking and Transportation Department by email parking-office@uiowa.edu.

If you’re parking a university vehicle in a public parking facility, you’ll need to pay for the time parked. If you have a permit for a public parking facility, you’ll be provided with a UI Parking Access Card. Access cards cost the applicable location rate and require approval by the director of Parking and Transportation.

If you’re parking in mobile payment zone parking spaces, you’ll need to pay the applicable rate via the app. Failure to do so may result in a citation.

A Service Vehicle Zone placard is not required for university vehicles prior to parking in service zones. These parking areas are to be used for short term parking to access buildings on campus. Please do not use Service Vehicle Zone parking areas for storing vehicles.  

Loading zones are provided throughout campus to provide convenient, high turnover and quick loading near campus facilities. All loading zones are signed with the amount of time allowed. 

In high use areas that are frequently used for special events, loading zone meters are used to track time. Users must push the button on the meter to start their loading zone session. More information about loading zones can be found in the Parking & Transportation Regulations

EV charging for university vehicles

If you need to use a public charging station on campus, please note that you will need to pay for both charging and parking. During daytime hours, public charging locations have a 4-hour time limit. However, on nights and weekends, university vehicles may park for longer than four hours. If you have any questions about EV charging rates for university vehicles, please contact Fleet Services.


Please contact us at parking-office@uiowa.edu or call (319) 335-1475 if you have any questions or concerns.