This large parking lot is dedicated to both daily commuter and long term student storage parking. Be sure to watch the signs in the lot to park in your correct area. Generally, student storage is on the west side (yellow) of the lot while the commuter parking is on the north side (white) of the lot.

A map showing allocations for student storage and Hawkeye commuter permit spaces

Lot Numbers

Lot 85 (Commuter) and Lot 39 (Storage)


3350 Hawkeye Park Road

Facility Map

See the parking map for facility location. The Hawkeye Commuter and Storage Lot is located about two miles west of the UI campus, west of Mormon Trek Boulevard and the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex (HTRC)


Schedules and information about CAMBUS routes that serve the Hawkeye Commuter and Storage Lot can be found in the Hawkeye Commuter and Hawkeye Campus section of the CAMBUS Routes, Schedules and Maps page. Information about late night service to faculty and staff parking lots can be found on the nighttime transportation page.

Hours of Enforcement

7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday

Permit Information

Employees can find Lot 85 Hawkeye Commuter permit information on the Employee Parking page. Students can find Lot 39 Hawkeye Storage permit information on the Student Parking page.

Facility Features

ADA Parking: Permit ADA parking stalls are located north and west of the central bus shelter.

Bike Parking: Bike racks are provided near the central bus shelter.

Electric Vehicle Charging: N/A

Motorcycle Parking: Motorcycle parking is available north of the central bus shelter.

Public Meter / Mobile Payment Zone Parking: Public meter parking is available in the northeast corner of the lot, with spaces facing Hawkeye Park Road.

  • Zone 5106 in Hawkeye Commuter Lot is a 12 hour time limit zone.
  • Meter and mobile payment rates can be found on the Rates page.

Bus Shelter: There is one bus shelters located centrally in the lot. The silver shelter has on demand heat available November – March. CAMBUS provides service to this shelter only.

  • There are two other shelters in the lot, one brown metal shelter in the west back portion and a brick shelter north of the new shelter. These shelters are no longer served by CAMBUS.

Facility Assistance

Call Parking Dispatch at 319-335-8312 to:

  • Report malfunctioning equipment, broken doors, or sign, light and other issues.
  • Request Motorist Assistance for a jump start or vehicle locate.

Call the Department of Public Safety at (non-emergency) 319-335-5022 to:

  • Report vehicle damage that may have occurred in the facility.
  • Locked keys in vehicles.
Call 911 for emergencies.