Parking and Transportation supports on-campus, business-only mobility for a limited number of employees by issuing a limited number of Departmental Business Placards (DBP’s). The placards, sold only to departments, provide access to a range of university parking facilities.  Each placard contains an embedded proximity access card for use at qualifying gated parking facilities.  

Parking and Transportation uses virtual permits, including DBP’s, for enforcement.  License plates will act as permits moving forward. A physical DBP will continue to be provided as access cards are required to enter gated lots, but employee(s) and their license plates must be assigned to DBP in the Departmental Parking Portal.

Detailed information about DBP’s can be found in the Parking and Transportation Regulations.  

DBP General Information

  • Physical (DBP) placards are valid for two years.   
  • Please see DBP for expiration date 
  • DBP must be used in conjunction with a valid University of Iowa employee Ramp or Surface A Reserved permit.  
  • Parking and Transportation uses License Plate Recognition to enforce all permits on campus, including DBP’s.   
  • Employees and their vehicle license plates must be assigned to department DBP’s via the Department Parking Portal.    
  • By using a DBP, employees acknowledge the usage requirements and are responsible for all parking violations received while using the DBP.  

DBP Rates, Renewal and Cancellation

  • The Departmental Business Placards current rate is $372 a year.  DBP rates can be found on the Rates page.  
  • Departments can use the Departmental Parking Portal to renew DBP’s, adjust MFK’s, assign employees to permits and add vehicle information.  Information on how to navigate the Portal can be found on the Parking Portal Info page.  
  • Permits financially renew in "even" numbered years
  • New physical placards are issued in "odd" numbered years 
  • If departments no longer need a DBP, they must return the placard to the Parking and Transportation office to cancel the permit and stop accruing charges.  Refunds are prorated by the month.   

DBP Usage Requirements

  • Parking facilities eligible for DBP use are dependent upon capacity.  
  • DBP is valid in faculty/staff reserved lots and UI public parking facilities: Hospital Parking Ramps (1, 2, 3, 4), Newton Road Parking Ramp, North Campus Parking Ramp, IMU Parking Ramp, Library Lot, and Dental Visitor Lot.  
  • DBP must be properly displayed on the front dash, in conjunction with a valid University of Iowa faculty/staff ramp, surface reserved A, or Lot 45 parking permit (carpool permits included).   
  • DBP use limited to one entry and one exit at a time. The placard cannot be shared for multiple and/or consecutive entries and exits. 
  • Usage is limited to 3 hours in a qualifying parking lot or facility.  Staying beyond the 3-hour limit subjects the vehicle to a parking violation. 

DBP Restrictions

  • DBP not valid in the following ramp and surface reserved parking lots: Family Care Center Lot, Lot 4, Lot 6 Field House, Lot 9 Pomerantz Center Lot, Lot 17, Lot 24, Lot 29, Lot 37, Lot 50 Reserved Lot (within HR1) and Lot 51. 
  • DBP not valid in Cleary Walkway, Service Vehicle Zones, Loading Zones (free time meters), hourly meters, or student lots. 
  • DBP may not be used with any student permit or the following faculty/staff parking lot permits: Lot 55 –Hancher, Lot 65-Finkbine Commuter, Lot 75-Arena, Lot 85-Hawkeye Commuter, IRL-Iowa River Landing, SSB-Hospital Support Services Building, or NW-Night Weekend. 
  • This placard is not to be used for personal convenience or for changing an existing parking lot assignment. 
  • Do not use the placard to enter an employee’s assigned parking lot, exit an employee’s assigned parking lot, or to access Night and Weekend (NW) privileges.  
  • Improper display or use of the DBP will be subject to a parking violation and privileges may be revoked.