Parking access cards are used to enter/exit assigned gated facilities, in addition to providing means for Night/Weekend privileges.  Faculty/staff and student permits assigned to a gated facility are automatically issued a parking access card.   If you have an access card from a previous permit, please contact our office to reactivate your card.

You must have an active qualifying permit to be issued an access card. If you do not have a permit, you can order one through the Parking Portal.

Access card reader

A parking access card is a proxy card that tells the parking gate to raise when held near the access card reader.  Look for the target on the equipment in all entry / exit lanes.

machine that will read parking access card
white access card on black background with graphic on card in gold and black reading University of Iowa Parking and Transportation and department phone number


white access card on black background with graphic on card in gold and black reading Iowa Parking Access Card and department phone number


Policies and procedures for parking access cards


  • Be sure to use your access card to exit when the gates are up. Simply stop and present the card to the reader.
  • Do not pull a transaction ticket upon entry and attempt to use the card when exiting.
  • Use of the access card for consecutive entries without a paired exit (or consecutive exits without a paired entry) is prohibited.
  • Never share, transfer or pass-back an access card.
  • Daily maximum charges will apply for each incident that access cards are misused (as noted in four bullets above). Repeated incidents are considered theft and may be prosecuted.
  • If your access card is lost or stolen, please complete the online form for a replacement. The access card replacement fee is listed under our rates table.

Access Card Procedures

  • A parking access card interfaces with the access card reader and directs the parking gate to raise so you can enter or exit.
  • When entering / existing an approved UI parking facility, pull to a stop with the driver’s side window in line with the card reader.
  • Present the card to the face of the reader, holding it parallel to, and no more than three inches from, the target decal on the reader surface.
  • Hold it steady for one second. Do not wave or flash the card at the reader.