University parking facilities and many parking lots have a parking system in place that regulates entry and exit and processes payment. Most types of faculty and staff parking permits and some student parking permits include a parking access card. For permit holders, the parking access card allows entry into a permit holders assigned parking location and offers no-cost access to university parking facilities during nights and weekends.

Parking Access Card

A parking access card is a proxy card that when held near the access card reader will cause the parking gate to raise so you can enter or exit.

Present one flat side of the access card to within three inches of the target located on the access card reader and hold it still for a second. When exiting follow the same procedure and present the access card to the access card reader in the exiting lane.

Do not wave or move the access card over the target.

Either card design works with parking equipment if active and associated with a valid parking permit.

Nights and Weekends

In addition to allowing access to assigned parking location, the parking access card also offers Night and Weekend (NW) Privileges. 

For full details about NW see the Night and Weekend Parking page.

Access card reader

Look for the target on the equipment

medium grey parking equipment with bullseye highlighted with white graphic and text Access card